June Pilot Round Up

In June, we rolled out a 2-week pilot of our meal plan to find out whether

it’s as affordable, convenient, and tasty as we say it is, as well as a

feedback survey for undergraduate students to discover motivations

behind food and shopping behaviours. 40 people participated in our open

pilot and 17 students started responses to our survey, and we received

some useful feedback to help us in developing our September meal plan


Overall, it seems that people liked the meal plan for encouraging them to

try new things and giving them a structured method for avoiding food

waste. 83% said they would be more likely to try our recipes

in future,

67% said they would shop more locally and 67% said they would eat more

vegetables. We’re happy that there is an appetite for cooking with

vegetables and using local shops for ingredients.

Convenience and affordability were the biggest issues people found in

following the plan. We are looking at the option of producing a store

cupboard meal plan starter pack with ingredients like spices, oils so that

people can use their local shops to buy the weekly fresh produce they

need, as well as exploring ways to collaborate with local businesses, for

example through veg boxes, to tackle convenience issues.

People also followed the recipes less on weekends, but there was no drop

from week 1 to week 2, which is great news. The fact that the recipes

were not vegan also came up in several responses, as well as the

suggestion to have separate vegan and non-vegan recipe books, and we’ll

be looking to improve accessibility for vegans going forward.

We will be hosting a workshop on 3rd of August to bring together our

chefs, nutritionists, business stakeholders, designers, and students to look

at other exciting ways to tackle the issues highlighted in the pilot

feedback. We hope that the improvements to the meal plan will ensure

we’re ready to launch in September!

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