Inspiring a Planetary Health Food Revolution
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Nutrition Revolution

 Nutrition Revolution is a student-led initiative leading a month-long meal plan and campaign for students

in Dundee and Edinburgh centered on the Planetary Health Diet

 The Planetary Health Diet, developed by the Eat Lancet Commission, is a set of nutritional guidelines for healthy eating which has been developed and designed to be environmentally sustainable and nutritious. 


 We want to make following a Planetary Health aligned diet as easy, affordable, and accessible as possible. 

To do this, we have developed a month long collection of low carbon, nutritious recipes for you to follow, as well as a series of socials and cook-alongs focused on reducing food waste and ethical eating. 

Welcome to our website! Check out how to get involved below.

Ways to Get Involved

Planetary health Meal Plan

Sign up for our month long meal plan of low carbon, nutritious recipes

FOllow us

Follow us on instagram, facebook, twitter and tiktok to find out about our upcoming events and opportunities to win some amazing food hampers and prizes

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Sign up to our survey

If you have followed the meal plan, complete our survey for a chance to win delicious food box vouchers from a selection of local food outlets

Our Movement

We are seeking to find new ways to encourage students and the wider community to eat a healthier, and lower carbon diet. We realise that behaviour change is complex, and therefore a core component of our project centres around knowledge exchange, bringing together experts from different fields to challenge current practice, and develop novel ideas.

This project is kindly funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute, an organisation seeking to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals by supporting research into practice initiatives. 

Knowledge exchange

We run workshops with stakeholders in academia, business, art and design, policy reform, and hospitality to exchange novel ideas for enabling healthy, low carbon diets.  


Through social media channels we raise awareness of good practice and topical challenges relating to food systems, climate change, and the intersections with the sustainable development goals 

Recipe Development

Developing recipes with local businesses, chefs and nutritionists to suit student needs and lifestyles